Sunday, 18 March 2012


Another uber-easy tutorial on making waffles... I'll try not to waffle on (ooh... bad bad joke *lol*)
First things first... make a template out of scrap clay using the reverse side of a blade/knife (the bladed side makes too thin score lines) and quench it after baking (immediately after removing from oven, drop in iced water for a minute). I'm not 100% sure if the quenching makes a difference - though I have been told it makes the cooked clay much tougher and harder. The photo shows the template in a centimetre ruler - just over 3/4 of a centimetre square.
You'll need to lightly coat the template with a dusting of cornflour to stop it sticking to the clay.
Roll out some pale tan coloured clay - I rolled mine on a number 4 on a pasta machine (mine goes from 1=thinnest to 7=thicker) and press the template knobbly side downwards into the clay.
Don't let the cornflower build up between the ridges - use a dry, stiff brush like a toothbrush to clean it - but remember to flour it again before using it to press into the clay.
Separate the templates on the clay - just roughly cut around them using a blade - CAREFULLY!
Now neaten those edges. You want to leave just a narrow edge around the pattern of squares - about the same thickness as the ridges between the sqaures.
Now use the edge of you blade to gently push the sides in - all four sides.
You should end up with something looking like this:
Dust this with chalk pastels - a pale orangey-brown.
If you're stacking some up on a plate, just leave them at this stage and bake (arrange on oven-proof plate before baking). If you want to show the waffle being served, add two tiny squares of pale yellow (for butter) and drizzle over some liquid clay with a little bit of caramel-colored chalk pastel added.
After baking, when they're all cooled down, hilight the sauce and butter with a bit of gloss.
All done!

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