Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Experiment That Failed!

I'll always have a go at something if I get an idea... and today was no exception as I had an idea forming on how I might make some 12th scale green pepper slices (bell peppers).
First off I strapped four cocktail sticks together.
Then I got out the polymer clay - I mixed up some green (I don't usually have coloured clay, I just have white that I colour using shaved chalk pastels), and then mixed togather some transluscent (a lot), pearl, and a tiny bit of yellow clays.
The transluscent mix I rolled out and wrapped it around the bound cocktail sticks. The green clay was rolled out thinly and also wrapped over the transluscent mix around the cocktail sticks.
Then I baked it all according to the manufacturers instructions on the clay packets. After it was cooled, I sliced bits off of the 'cane'. I couldn't get the cocktail sticks out, so had to cut slices through the whole thing!
Not too impressed with the results after all my hard work *lol*
Next time (!) I'll use tin foil for the centre, less transluscent in the mix, and make them smaller too.
Ah, well... a few experiments going awry won't hurt I guess :) Hopefully the next try will be successful - though I admit it may be a while before I try this particular idea again.

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