Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hot Cross Buns

Well, it is Easter time... and I'm not good at making exact shapes like easter eggs - certainly not miniature teeny tiny choccie rabbits and the like! So... my choice was hot cross buns.
It's easy-peasy to make a few... so here's my take on how to make them:
I first rolled out some clay that was leftover white that had been mixed with brown and yellow, so it was perfect for this. I used the protective cover from the end of a small paintbrush to cut out pieces of clay that were all the same size.
I did try to flatten and shape each circle I'd cut out... but then discovered that it was much easier to roll each piece into a circle and then flatten is a little.
I placed six of the flattened circles together in two rows of three and then brushed some pale brown chalk pastels over the top.
I rolled out a mega-thin snake of both black and brown clay (you could just use one or the other) and cut off the smallest of pieces to stick over the buns - this is the sultanas and raisins.
Using liquid clay (I use Fimo Liquid Deco Gel) and adding chalk pastels of white and a very little of mustardy-yellow, mix well. The whiter you want the cross to be, the more pastels you add - or mix liquid clay with white clay if you prefer. I used a cocktail stick to very carefully paint lines over the buns to make a cross onto each one.
With a sharp razor (and being VERY careful... I like having ten fingers *lol*) separate the buns into single items.
Now I used a pin to texture each side of the buns that was attached to another - these bits were whiter than the rest of the bun, so it was quite easy to see what needed to be attacked with the pin :)
Bake according to polymer clay manufacturers instructions... and Voila!... hot cross buns for your dolls house!

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Elizabeth S said...

Your buns look Yummy!