Friday, 16 March 2012

Cornish Pasty

On the menu today... the simplest lunchtime treat for a dollshouse tenant... cornish pasty.
These are really simple to make... even with the pasty stuffing inside.
First you'll need some off-white, ecru coloured clay, which needs to be rolled quite thinly and cut into circles. The circle cutter I used is 0.5" across.
Now for the filling... I used some liquid clay, some sft brown clay chopped into tiny pieces... and then I added some cooked clay into the mix: white, off-white and orange (all chopped). Mix it all up to make the filling...
With a toothpick (cocktail stick) or anything that you use, add a little of the filling mix to a circle... remember that it needs only to cover a small area as the circle will have to be folded in half.
Fold the circle in half carefully and press the edges with a cocktail stick (or similar).
I haven't a photograph of the next stage... but it's a little similar to the ravioli. Using a toothpaste cap (or something like this), press gently on the join to make a serrated-like pattern. Roll the cap around the edges to make it crinkly if you like too.  The pasty below on the left was hand-crimped. For all the effort that took, I don't think the end result is at all worth it - the effect with the toothpaste cap is much better (on the right).
Next is to give the pasties a nice cooked colour - I used a mixture of a lighter brown, browney/orange, and mustard coloured chalk pastels.
Bake and serve to a dollshouse doll!

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