Sunday, 8 April 2012

Broken Eggs

What a week! Too much happening, with not enough time or energy to sort everything out... in fact, the only crafty thing I've done is make some 1:12th scale broken eggs from the eggshells I made recently.
I didn't put my usual penny in the photograph to show scale, as you've already seen th eeggshells and cupcakes next to the small coin (and yes, it really is the same coin each time!).

I even missed "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday"? because I was so busy - but family does come first...yes, even before crafting, even in my house *lol*

Monday, 2 April 2012


Just a quickie show... I tried to make onions. I did find some on EBay, but have always been outbid (I'm such a scrooge - hate paying out too much *lol*).
My onions aren't too bad... though I rather stupidly made onion canes and made these with a 'skin' on them - though it doesn't show too much. My red onion cane is a complete disaster... I think that using plain translucent is a mistake, and if I try this again I'll mix it with a little pearlised white clay too.
The whole onions are made from the cane - so if they are sliced, they'll look like real onions inside - well, sort of :)

Egg Shells

I have been fascinated by the little touches many artists add to their miniature scenes... the most amazing are little broken egg shells. So... of course I had to give it a go too :)
Firstly, I mixed polymer clay: 1 part light brown, 2 parts white, 3 parts translucent. I rolled this well-mixed egg shell colour on number 4 of my pasta machine (1=thinnest, 7=thickest).
Next I rolled out some plain white clay on a number 1. I did try a half and half mix of translucent and white, but this didn't really work as well as the white on it's own. I laid the white onto the egg shell brown, and once again put this through the pasta machine on number 1. I don't have a photograph of this, because my camera refused to take a picture...I begged, cajoled, and eventually swore at it - but it just didn't like my egg-shell clay rolled out. Anyways...
Next, I laid out the clay and cut circles out of it. I used the plastic cover that protects the end of a new paintbrish - just a little plastic tube that is not quite 2/8ths of an inch in diameter (just over half a centimetre).
I did remember to dip the cutter into a little cornflour (or baby talc) as I used it to stop the circles from sticking to it.
The spare bit of clay that is from around the little circles... I don't discard that. I bake it when I bake the finished eggshells, and then I can use it to make little pieces of broken shell.
I then had to find something with a rounded end... small enough to model an egg shell around...
The end of a paintbrush worked nicely - though later I used an orange stick that I lightly sanded to a rounded end. Once again I remembered to dip the end into cornflour EVERY TIME before I used it to model an egg shell.
Carefully, I picked up a piece of egg shell clay, and placed it onto the end of the paintbrush, white side onto the surface and the brown side outward facing. Cool fingers were a help at this point, as warm hands stick to the clay :) Very quickly, I molded the clay around the end of the paintbrush.
Next, I simply flicked the formed shell off of the end onto a baking tray - I used a silicone loaf tin (which I burned the first time I used polymer clay *lol*). The edges of the shell were quite jagged and rough already - but if I wasn't happy then I'd use my nail or a sharp knife to cut into the edge BEFORE I took the shell off of the end of the paintbrush.
Then all I had to do is bake according to the clay manufacturers' instructions, and I have wonderful little egg shells for my miniature home. Not all the egg shells were perfect (unless you're a genius, really lucky, or a perfectionist  I don't think anybodys eggshells would be)... but most were be fine :)
I can't wait to use these on a preparation board... baking cupcakes probably... :)

Icing Cupcakes

I really should check before I glue things down... these cupcakes are definitely a bit wonky! Still, true to life then - at least, that's how my cupcakes turn out anyway :)
I found the cute little wooden bowls at HobbyCraft - they had a sale on them... and I so wish I'd bought loads more! For the icing bag, I did have a vague idea of using hairspray or white glue spread (or sprayed) onto carrier bags and then peeled off... then I found a tutorial online that had a similar (but better) idea of how to make the bags using glue... so I went with that one instead. The boards were bought at HobbyCraft too - 1.5" round, 12 of these were cheaper than a pack of six 1" round boards. I sometimes wonder who decides on pricing!
I did make another icing bag with a flattened nozzle (the nozzles were all made from scrapbooking aluminium foil border metal) and a bit of piped icing to match that... I just haven't glossed the icing bit yet :)
All-in-all, a fun project ... quite easy (again)... though I do have to practice those cupcakes... or buy a proper mold :)