Wednesday, 23 November 2011

More Furniture

Just a quickie peek at the furniture that Hubby bought me... well, I say he bought it - actually I bought it ... I just used his bank card to pay :)
I couldn't resist the little grandma sat reading her book! And of course there's a Christmas tree too...

Buying Bits Already

I haven't any set idea on what sort of era I want my dollshouse to be set in - so I'm winging it... just buying stuff that I like when I see it (if it's cheap enough!). The only thing I've decided for definite is that, in my little house, it's going to be christmas all year round! Shocked? Nope... nobody else is either *lol*
Here's the selection of a couple of things Hubby and myself have bought - and the house isn't even base-coated or glued together yet! *lol*
 Nursery furniture in white - so sweet! It's so hard to see, but there's a robin sitting at the open birdcage, and that little bear is the cutest! These pieces weren't cheap - but they are amazingly detailed and so beautiful... and of course I had to have a robin... it's going to be Christmas in my house!
Here's some closeups of the robin and bear from Tjay's (the creator) website:

These aren't the smallest pieces she does either - she makes 1:144th scale bears and pandas... and the most amazing little toadstool scene that fits on a pintack head.

It All Starts Here...

It doesn't look like much at all right now... just some bare chipboard pieces, cut into strange shapes and stacked together into a rough-looking house shape:
... and it's not actually a house... it's two shops, but I liked the double-front opening, and thought I could make something personal and unique - a dolls house just for me!
Bearing in mind, that I have never owned a dolls house before (even as a little girl), and so everything I attempt to do will be trial and error (with less of the 'error', I hope! *lol*). I don't know what special products I'll need, or where to buy them either... but I have done a little bit of 'scouting' on the internet to see what I might be able to do, and where I may be able to buy things in the UK.
The two shops are supposed to end up looking a bit like this:
It's going to be interesting to see just how alike or different my version will be :)

A New Adventure...

This coming Christmas (2011) my Darling Hubby bought me something I always wanted... a dolls house (and he gave it to me early so I could build it in time for Christmas Day!)
It's a 1:24th scale little house that I am hoping I will make, decorate, and fill with tiny treasures, over the next few years.
As I buy or make things, I'll post them here - whether they may be fantastic finds, or abyssmal failures *lol*