Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Polymer Clay Overload!

I have spent so much time 'playing' with miniatures that I've not actually shared anything I've done! My 24th scale house is *almost* finished - I still have curtains to put up, pictures to frame, a single white bed to find... but it's getting there - I'll take some photographs later. It seems as though this 'finishing up' of the project is what will take so long - sourcing all those 'must have' mini pieces (at the right price) is so difficult!
So... in the meantime I've managed to complete a 12th scale room box - I made a perfume/ladies shop (olde-worlde sort of style) where I had to make all the perfume bottles, boxes, displays... it was fun!
Then there was the 24th scale market cart full of 24th scale vegetables... and 24th scale fruits in mini-woven baskets... followed by the 24th scale tearoom shop which I'm still finishing off.
Oh, did I also mention that my wonderful mum-in-law gave me a 12th scale house called "Orchid Cottage" that I am itching to build too?
I make all my own 24th scale food items now, and a fair bit of the 12th scale too - it's so much fun! I can while away not just hours, but full days - just sitting and playing with blobs of clay.
Going about this the wrong way around.... but here's a few of the newer items I've made:

Salmon steaks with mashed potatoes and pod-peas

Salmon steaks on a bed of lettuce with sliced lemon

Steak and carrot pot pie
Not bad for a beginner I guess... I've only been at this a few weeks!

And to prove that I really have no life beyond my little home... as well as the miniatures, I couldn't resist sharing this photograph of Bella attacking a toilet roll... she's grown so much! But still a cutsie little kittywitty.