Monday, 2 April 2012

Icing Cupcakes

I really should check before I glue things down... these cupcakes are definitely a bit wonky! Still, true to life then - at least, that's how my cupcakes turn out anyway :)
I found the cute little wooden bowls at HobbyCraft - they had a sale on them... and I so wish I'd bought loads more! For the icing bag, I did have a vague idea of using hairspray or white glue spread (or sprayed) onto carrier bags and then peeled off... then I found a tutorial online that had a similar (but better) idea of how to make the bags using glue... so I went with that one instead. The boards were bought at HobbyCraft too - 1.5" round, 12 of these were cheaper than a pack of six 1" round boards. I sometimes wonder who decides on pricing!
I did make another icing bag with a flattened nozzle (the nozzles were all made from scrapbooking aluminium foil border metal) and a bit of piped icing to match that... I just haven't glossed the icing bit yet :)
All-in-all, a fun project ... quite easy (again)... though I do have to practice those cupcakes... or buy a proper mold :)

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