Sunday, 4 March 2012

More Polymer Clay Food

Yes, there's even more clay food... all of these are 24th scale items - many made from leftover bits of clay and a little imagination :)
First off, two plates of fried agg and bacon (I bought the plates at
Roast chicken and bowls of vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, green beans and carrotts)
The roast chickens separately
Beef leg joints ready for roasting
Roast beef dinners anyone?
Back to the fruit and vegetables... marrows followed by cabbages and leeks
And some bowls of fruit
I have no idea what happened to the photographs of the little plums (in the mixed fruit bowl)... still, never mind - I think that's plenty to be getting on with for now :)
I'll save all the cakes and bread I made when I start to take photographs of the cafe in 1:24th scale that I'm making.


sandee said...

OMgosh, this amazes me. They are so life like, you do an awesome job! I had to join your site just to see what you make next! What do you do with them? sell them for doll houses? I'm fascinated! waving hi from the beautiful hills of North Carolina :)

Bubbles said...

I do sell some items... EBay at the moment, though I have been told that Etsy would be better for me.
I looked up North Caroilina on the internet... you lucky, lucky woman :) Such a beautiful place!