Saturday, 24 March 2012

Do I Sell...?

I've been asked a few times if I sell my miniature food. Yes, I do. I sell on EBay as charleys_mini_market - but only 10 items each month so as not to pay fees for every listing. I am also going to start a shop on Etsy... though this will take a little while, as I want the items I sell to be absolutely as perfect as I can make them.
I have a few problems with cat hair at the moment. A couple of days of sun, and Callie is shedding all over the place. My duvet looks like a fur blanket!
I do try to ban the animals from my craft room - but they love it in here. Bella likes to tip over the bin and empty it all over the floor, Callie loves to sit between me and my computer (or whatever else I'm concentrating on at the time), and Lily just likes to be near me - poor old doggie that she is. Did I mention smelly? No?... Poor old SMELLY doggie that she is :)
I'm not making a fortune out of this hobby - and never will, nomatter how good I may get... I just can't see myself charging huge amounts for the time taken to make these minis. I've seen preparation boards that (in the opinion of a few people I've asked) that are no better than my own, selling for £15 or more! Oh, to have that confidence in my own work *lol*
Anyways... sidetracked...
I'll have a link on the sidebar when (or if) the Etsy store finally gets set up... I have to figure out postage costs and all sorts - but first find the time to do it all :)
So... if you're among the six people who have asked me if I sell my miniature foods, and you happen to read this... Thank You!

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