Saturday, 31 March 2012


I really wanted to make cupcakes - I know everyone else is doing it - whether full size edible ones, or dollshouse miniatures...
The most difficult part was making the bases - who'd figure this would be the hardest part? I tried making a silicone mold, making each one individually... and ended up making a sort-of mold from scrap clay. Of course, to make this mold I had to first make a base to make an impression of!
Compared to that, making the cherries for the tops was easy-peasy - stalks an'all!
I used a mix of brown, white pearl, and transluscent clay for the base, and then just a mix of liquid clay and white clay for the 'icing'.
Some of the stalks are falling off - they are so tiny! But to be quite honest, the cherries still look good whether the stalks are on or not.
I did a few with slices from the strawberry cane I made to decorate the tops - just because the cherries were becoming annoying :)
Even though these are a bit of a pain to make - quite fiddly (especially when trying to 'ice' the tops!), I'd make them again - maybe using a white colour for the base to look like they were in paper cases.

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