Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Alcove...

The little alcove shelf is finished. It was going to be an opening door that looked like a shelf of books, but I changed my mind :) I'm not sure what will be put into the arch at the top yet - the shelf is only about one centimetre in depth.

I filled the two middle shelves with books - they can't be opened, and I had to chop them in half to fit the depth of the shelves - but it's only for decoration so I hope it won't look odd or out of place :) There will be skirting covering the bottom, as well as architrave at the top, which is why there are gaps :) It's been crackled, inked, and sanded to match the other furniture I made.
Up close you can really see the over-use of ink lol... and although I do like the effect I have on the shelving, it was achieved by accident because I was too impatient to wait for the paint to fully dry.

After finishing, and not being able to do what I really wanted to do (print flooring and bake clay - I have no ink nor oven lol) I started to look around for something to add to the dolls house. I had printed out a lot of the book covers previously, and had used only a few, so decided to make a few more books - full 1:12th size this time :)
I'm really pleased with how using grey board turned out - it almost looks like real pages :)
I could have painted them white - but decided just to leave them with just a bit of ink to age the 'pages'.

Only another 100 or so more to do then :)

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