Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Miss Havisham's Furniture #2

After being inspired with making the ladies bureau (still not glued together - awaiting bits to put inside), I decided to make a grandfather clock. It's finished - nothing opens up - but the pendulum swings (erratically - but still, it swings!). I did go over-board with the ageing ... but in fairness, it was the lacquer finish that bought out the darker colour and made it bleed somewhat. I do like the result though :)

I actually made plans on paper for the clock, which was lucky as I promised I'd make one for a dear friend too.  Second time around, it was easier to make, as I'd made the mistakes and errors with the first :)
The clocks are slightly shorter than bought 1:12th scale grandfather clocks - but the ceilings in my dolls house are actually quite low, I think - so perhaps a little shorter will be better for me.
Here's the clocks together:
Firstly, the bought one... then the one I have made for a friend, and lastly my own that I have made.
The one I made for a friend is under-coated and sanded, with all the bits she needs to finish off the clock in a little baggy. It's been left like this so she can paint it in the style she chooses - I can't wait to see what she does with it :) I think I'll print off a few faces for the clock - something a bit more suited to her decor. If needed, the hole where the face is can be left open, and a working watch-face inserted (it is a 1" circle).

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