Monday, 28 December 2015


My head is swimming with plans! I have started de-constructing the dolls house hubby bought me for Christmas - the front is off, the roof is half off, the decor has been ripped out...
Now I have to rip apart the stairs so I can remove part of the wall so that the 'dead space' under the stairs can be used in a room. The tiny spaces for doors at the back of each room will be blocked off - I shall probably make a fake bookcase that opens in one room - and see how I feel about other spaces. A balustrade has to be placed at the top of the stairs - I just don't like that empty space. I will also put on a new basement door and inside the basement, move the dividing wall so that I can have a large kitchen and a small scullery. The front door has had it's step taken off - this will be made smaller so that it looks more appropriate when the front of the dolls house is closed.
Along with the new decor inside, I will decorate the inside of the main front opening - it is currently painted to match the outside of the house.
Next, I plan to remove the pavement area outside and just have the very frontispiece remaining - no gates or anything. The main front steps will be slightly adapted - there's not a lot I can do with them. This leaves me a garden to decorate - and I might have some plans to do a tree stump with little 'gifts' inside - inspired by Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird.
And so to the theme of the dolls house - I have been thinking about other rooms...
So I will have a room based on the study from The Woman In Black, one room that has Jacob Marley's ghost - including chains and heavy boxes I hope. One bedroom I have decided that it absolutely must be the 'nursery' from "The Yellow Wallpaper" - I just adore that short story and have to have it included in my little house. Of course, there will be the Miss Havisham decayed room - the only room that will definitely have a figure inside. All the rooms will be completely separate from each other - really like six room boxes stuck together. I have decided to try and think of something for the stairs so that it is a room in it's own right... at first all I could think of was toys laid forlornly on the stairs- but that's not really eerie enough ... Unless I make the toys quite scary looking? The kitchen may be a Mrs Lovett sort of thing (Sweeney Todd) - but still  not sure on that one either. Something I have to plan, methinks. 
So... some of my favourite writings have all inspired what will happen in my dolls house.
I did feel a little guilty ripping apart someone else's hard work... but I guess I can only hope that it will be an improvement  and so it will be worthwhile.
See how terribly sad it looks right now...?
Wish me luck... and a LOT of patience lol

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misteejay said...

Your plans sound super - can't wait to see it all come together.
Toni xx