Sunday, 20 December 2015

Miss Havisham's Furniture

Although I haven't started to decorate the new house yet, I have decided on the theme for 3 rooms - one will be the study from "The Woman In Black", another will be a scene from "A Christmas Carol" with (hopefully) the ghost of Jacob Marley... and the one I am currently making furniture for is a Miss Havisham room  from "Great Expectations".
I took a few lessons and inspiration from Kris at 1" Minis and have almost finished a ladies bureau - I haven't glued the front on yet, because I want to fill it up a bit more, and I also want to 'age' the drawer knobs too.
It was actually more difficult than I imagined it would be to make the piece look less 'shabby-chic' and have a more decayed look - but I think I have done quite alright for a beginner :)

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