Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How Long...? An Update...

It has been so long since I updated here - life took over, other hobbies took more time, and miniatures just slipped by the wayside.
A few weeks ago, I sold all my clay-making bits and pieces, sure that I would never make another miniature in my life... and then asked Hubby to buy me a dolls house for Christmas! This new house is ready-made - though I shall be redecorating :) It is 1/12th scale with 6 rooms - I'll take photos at a later date with news and projects I'm working on.
A quick update then...
I'm not sure how far back I need to go, so I'll start with my little cat Bella. She went missing after we had her for a year and has never been found. I missed her so much and had to get another cat - Miss Violet. Unfortunately, Miss Violet (or 'Baby', as she was called) was ran over a year after we bought her, and died in my arms... I was devastated. SO... I got another cat to help me heal my broken heart. Enter Kitty-Belle .. a persian/bengal cross who looks like a tabby. I was so worried when she got to be a year old - but she broke the 'year curse of the cats', and she's still with me now - along with her baby, Coco (we call her 'CocoBean')... a tortoiseshell with quite a bit of fluff :)
Poor Lily - my jack russel terrier was put to sleep because she had mammarial cancer. I swore I would never have another dog again... and that lasted five days. Off I went to London and bought a yorkie who we named Barkley McScruffles. 
Now, anyone who has read this blog may notice a very strange coincidence here...
My 'Forever Christmas' 1/24th scale house has two pets inside... a grey tabby and a little yorkie (I named 'Pookie'). I didn't even realise until a couple of months ago, that the pets I had bought for the miniature house (many years before), are the same as my 'real-life' pets... and it really wasn't planned.
Just over a year ago, my father passed away very unexpectedly, and to be quite honest, I am still not 'over it'. I spiralled into depression and was diagnosed with 'extreme delayed grief' with symptoms similar to mild PTSD. I gave up all crafting and hobbies except for making 'reborn babies'... a hobby that still takes a little of my time, and one which I shall be doing a lot of after this coming Christmas.
I have two grandchildren - and two more on the way :) My second daughter is expecting non-identical twin girls in April 2016 - a bit of good news there :)
I did finish the purple cottage - I'll find some photographs and post them soon. Unfortunately, the beautiful little house just took up too much room, so I had to sell it... and have regretted that ever since. Still, we live and learn.
That's all the updates for now...  I guess you can clearly see that my life revolves around my family and pets! I'll try and update as my new project moves forward... 
Another 'Adventure Into Miniature'!

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