Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Coffee Grinder - My Version!

Ever had one of those days where you really don't get around to doing anything you planned to do? I've just had one of those days. I've had a 'fibro-head' for two days now, and my brain is just a fuzz of forgetfulness *lol* Still... I did get one thing done... I made a new coffee grinder for my dolls house.  Once again, I wasn't happy with the size of the commercially bought 1:12th scale version. I made it much in the same way as I made the kitchen scales - starting off with 2mm grey-board. This time, I covered it with some of the leftover shingles I had from the Orchard dolls house (more about that later). One earring finding, a 10mm bead cap, and a little purple seed-bead later, and I was done!
 Yes, I have noticed that the 'drawer' is on a bit wonky... but wonky seems to be my trademark *lol*
Even with the wonky drawer, I much prefer my version... and it was relatively easy to do too - even for a novice like me, with no specialist tools or gadgets :)