Friday, 24 May 2013

Hello Again!

I've been away from miniatures for a while - everything has gotten so expensive lately, and I couldn't afford my new (-ish) now-too-expensive hobby :(
BUT... then I gave myself a good kick (and promptly fell over - a warning against kicking oneself) and thought "You silly moo... what you can't afford, MAKE!!"
So I did :)
Still, I haven't been really pushed to post anything new until this evening. I had sold some mini-food items and sundries on EBay, and recieved the most lovely e-mail from a lady named Cat (hello Lavender Bagpuss, if you ever find your way here) which was so full of enthusiasm and excitement that it re-boosted my own enthusiasm :) So... over the next few days I'll be posting piccies of a 1:12th scale cottage I built and painted myself (well, I still need to shingle the rooftops and add the gingerbread gabling bits), as well as photos of furniture and bits and pieces that I've made and also adapted from broken finds (thank you once again, EBay *lol*).
I can't wait!

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