Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Alcove... Again

I thought I'd show how the alcove was going to be fitted - it's just dry-fitted until I decide on the decoration for the rest of the room. I am really happy with the fit - and it matches perfectly with the rest of the furniture I had made.
The reverse side - creating a false wall so that the study ('Woman In Black' room) can be made slightly larger, using the space under the stairs.
 The little table was a bargain - broken and in need of a bit of mending, it cost just £1. I dirtied it up, roughed it up... and now it's all ready for the decaying wedding cake I have to make.

I used a pearl alcohol ink on the fireplace - I wanted it to look 'cold'. I think I may 'marble' the hearth. I used black alcohol ink to 'paint' in the fireplace itself, then daubed it up the fireplace to look a bit used and sooted.

It's quite difficult to see, but here I have added the ceiling wallpaper - it's embossed which I thought was in keeping with the character of the room. I inked it - a lot! Adding a heavier layer of ink above the fireplace for sooting effects. Unfortunately, a crease appeared in the ceiling paper - but I don't think I mind too much :)
 The chair was also a £1 bargain. I sanded it, sprayed it.. and really dirtied up the upholstery to make it look decayed and mouldy. I accidentally dropped glue onto the back fabric whilst putting the chair back together - but that's okay because it just makes it messier is all :)

The frame was found at a local retailers - 3 for £1. I added ink and modpodge to blend it in... and the cat was a 49pence bargain - so cute!

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