Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Working On The Scullery...

Well, I have decided that the fireplace is just a no-no. It looks awful! lol
Instead, I have made a plate rack for the scullery - and although a bit rough, it should look okay. It has a little shelf at the top, 2 plate rack shelves, and little knobs for hanging cups at the bottom.
I have mentioned my friend Ms Lizzie every now and then - and I'm happy to say that she has now created a blog to record her travels into the miniature world - her dolls house (a Christmas gift from her children) is HUGE! A bit daunting for many a beginner, I suspect - but not our Ms Lizzie who has entered the foray with gusto and, it has to be said, a good amount of talent also :)
You can find her blog here:
We are helping each other along - because I am still very much a novice and beginner at this hobby. We have found that we are buying the same sort of things, and thinking about using them in different ways :)
Well, That's all from me today - I haven't forgotten the Yellow Wallpaper Room - just haven't photographed it's progress yet... I'll get there eventually :)
I now have to go and spray some metal 'Faberge' egg stands gold - because the silver just won't do at all!


misteejay said...

The plate rack looks fabulous. It will look amazing with some 'crockery' on it.
Toni xx

lizziework said...

you are much more than a novice in my book , you have a mind full of info and I'm happy to delve