Monday, 11 January 2016

Just Toddling On...

It seems to me that the most fun I have at the moment with miniatures, is when I am destroying or wrecking something.
The yellow wallpaper room is suitably ruined, and I had sprayed a little fireplace so many times, I'm surprised it's not twice its original size. I actually lacquered the fireplace and the topper I made before the previous paint layers had dried - so now I have a faux-marble fireplace with a lot of 'crackle effect'. Ah, well... never mind :)
I happened across a wonderful blog not very long ago, and have become enthralled by the writers amazing talent. Giac (that's his name) is making a late-Victorian English manor doll house - from scratch. Though I know I'll never match his talents, he has become a real inspiration. Please, if you have time, visit his blog and be prepared to be floored!

As for my own little dolls house - NOT made from scratch (oh, how I wish I had the tools, time and talent to do so!) - is coming along slowly. I made a few foolish mistakes with the kitchen walls and floors. As previously shown, I had made the floors for the kitchen and scullery after deciding where the partition wall would stand. Yesterday, I decided to place the partition wall back into place and fix it permanently. I moved it over about an inch than I had previously decided as I thought it looked better, and hammered in some nails. It was only then that I realised with a full face-palm, that the floors would no longer fit. The scullery floor was too big and the kitchen floor now too small. No problem... I made the kitchen floor bigger with left over tiles, and the scullery floor I began to cut down little by little - I didn't want to make a mistake. It was only when I had laid the kitchen floor down and went to measure the size of wood I needed to fill the doorway sized gap in the floor, that I noticed a huge space between the wall and floor edge. I had placed the partition wall in crooked. Out came the wall for a straighten up, and then some more fiddling with the floors to get them in as well as possible. In all fairness, it's not all my fault - this dolls house is similar to my real home - not a single right-angle or plumb line in sight! I discovered this when I measured the fireplace topper at the front of the room, and when pushed to the back, it was about half a centimetre too high! 
Next, I decided that I wanted to put back the opening side doors of the basement - kitchen and scullery areas. It was at this point I realised my next mistake. I had not left room for the doors to sit into the opening - so I had to carefully remove about 2 strips of wood from the inside edge of the doors. Then I also discovered that, although I had been very careful to make space for the hinges on the doors themselves, I had covered the scullery-side wall hinge. That then had to be cut and chiselled out. 
It's all done now - and though it is a bit of a mess, at least it's MY mess lol
I'll post some photos soon.

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