Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Peace Lily

Years ago, my Mum bought me a Peace Lily - which I love (lillies of all kinds are my favourite flowers)... I decided I wanted one for my dolls house. It was actually a LOT easier to make than I first thought it would be. After constructing the leaves and flowers from paper that I coloured (when needed ) with 'Whispers' markers, I used ModPodge to 'seal' everything, and make it a bit pliable.
The pot I made with strips of parcel paper cut into very thin strips. It's constructed the same way as you make paper beads, but with no hole in the centre. When the paper is all rolled into a flat disc, you simply push the middle down to make a bowl shape. This amazing new way of making bowls I recently discovered can also be found on the internet... yes, this is something else people have been doing for a while. However, I've discovered that a lot of these people use quilling paper... so that was my latest purchase, to make more bowls and suchlike for the future.
Anyway, here's the Peace Lily I made, as well as something that started out as Hyacinths, but is so tiny it could really be anything at all...
I couldn't wait to take a photograph, so the ModPodge is still wet in the smaller pot *lol*

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