Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Get Painting!

I've laid flooring and have painted the outer of the house. Everything had to have a base coat first - cheaply done, as Hubby had a can of Magnolia Emulsion just festering away in the corner of his shed. I wanted the outer colour to be a blue-ish grey sort of colour... so I used re-inkers (Weathered Wood and Vintage Photo) to colour the paint. The cute little brickwork at the edges of the house and at the top windows was also done by me - I bought a stencil and some of this mortar powder that I had to make up into a paste. Talk about messy! Apparently, these little corner bricks are called "quoins"... what an adorable word *lol*
I'm trying  set the house out as though it were a truly livable space - so I've blocked off one of the doors and made a hallway inside. This has made the kitchen a lot smaller - but it won't have a lot of furniture in that room anyway - though I am pleased with how that flooring turned out. I bought flagstone paper, and then covered it in a few layers of modpodge, scratching out the outline of each flagstone tile with a cocktail stick before the modpodge was fully dried. I thought it was quite effective...

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