Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Hearth

Hubby gave me some balsa wood leftovers, and so I got down to making a hearth for my fireplace. Some cheap white paint from the childrens craft section at Tesco and a soft pencil, and my piece of balsa was looking a little like marble. Bit of parchment paint in gold, a spray of glimmer mist and a coat of Glossy Accents and the hearth was almost finished. I decided that a couple of cocktail sticks coloured black with copic marker, with a few beads for 'finials', and the finished product wasn't half bad. Well, I am a beginner at all this tiny stuff :) I don't have any miniature tools or even a set of tweezers... yet :)
I bought a mantle-piece Christmas kit, but decided that just cutting out the shape of Christmas stockings would not do at al... I wanted proper stocking I could put something in if I wanted to.  My sewing skills are... how can I put this.... naff, seems an appropriate word - and the phrase "bloody useless" is very apt :)
But I did remember Mrs Huggins at school teach me blanket stitch... seemed like a nice idea, so I used that to sew my stockings together.
The vase is made from a little bead, and filled with the little stamens you can buy for the centres of paper flowers, as well as some strips of colours parcel paper for the leaves and some tiny carnations.

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