Saturday, 7 January 2012

Getting Decorated

How quickly a month races by!  Of course, with Christmas taking up my time for most of December, I haven't had much time for any crafting whatsoever!  The New Year feels awfully strange - like I'm still trying to get back into the rythym of 'normal' life... maybe everything will be back on kilter by about March? *lol*
Well, the outside of the house was finally completed!
I haven't yet put 'panes' in the windows, and this photograph doesn't show the little letterbox I've since bought and added to the front door. Where I blocked one of the doors, I shall probably make of buy a miniature holly bush... or a winter-white rose bush.
I've also decorated the inside, and have discovered that the wallpaper I design, make, and print off myself is a LOT easier to handle and stick up than shop-bought papers. The only shop-bought paper I used was for the lounge - and there is a HUGE ripple in it at the bottom of the staircase. I tried all sorts of glues - from proper wallpaper paste for dolls houses (not brilliant), watered down PVA (not very adhesive) to just normal, cheap PVA spread as thinly as possible(excellent!).

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