Monday, 8 June 2020

Trying To Remember...

I have been 'miniaturing'... and I've done a fair bit - its the trying to remember how blogger works, and also trying to remember to update lol.  The cricut has been invaluable so far - furniture making is so much more easier :)
I am helping to run a small facebook group now -
It's for both the newcomers to the miniature world, as well as the more seasoned mini crafters too - after all, there's no point in just having people who want to learn if there's nobody there to teach them :) If you're interested, come along and join us. We don't bite... well, not often anyways ;)
So... I will sort out the photos and post what I have been up to - though it may take a little while as I am in the middle of a 'craft-room crisis' at the moment. Too many hobbies and not enough space lol
My craft room is overflowing, stuffed to the ceiling, and I can barely see my floor :)
Of course, there's not actually much floor space to be seen anyway as I have so many storge towers and drawer units here too! 
BUT.., I will get it done. Really. Honest ;)

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Sandra said...

I'm going to pop over and find you on facebook. I'm hoping to try and work on my dolls house, and I remember how amazing you were.