Thursday, 11 February 2016

What A Klutz!

Today I decided it was about time to get my figures ready for putting together... I made them all shoulders, made sure they all had a matching pair of hands and feet with footwear (I hate sculpting shoes - feet are easy, but shoes are a pain! lol), and drilled holes ready for the armature...
And that's where it started to go wrong!
My drill is too tiny, so I borrowed hubby's Dremel to drill the holes I needed as it's bigger than mine. 
Firstly, I misjudged how powerful it was, and when drilling, the little arm flew out of my hand, and with the power of the Dremel behind it, shot across the room somewhere. Half an hour of searching, and I finally retrieved the appendage and started again - holding on a lot more tightly this time.
Next mishap... I was holding tightly to "Come Give Grandma A Kiss", when I felt a terrible burning sensation in my fingers... because I had drilled through the side of the arm, and the drill bit was whirring away, burning my hand! 
Darn - what a Klutz I was being today!
I got out some more clay, and added a bit to Grandma's arms... and was so heavy handed as I was trying to mold the clay, I broke off Grandma's thumb, little finger and ring finger! Out with the Liquid Sculpey, and on to trying to fix poor Grammy's hand. I had to do the two fingers first, and whilst that was in the over re-baking, I decided to clear up a little... and 'cleared up' her thumb. An HOUR later, I managed to relocate the missing thumb under my desk, and reattach it with Liquid Sculpey and baking again. The thumb moved. Somewhere between me placing the limb gently in the oven, and getting it out 10 minutes later, the thumb had turned... so now Grammy has severe arthritis in her left hand with her disjointed thumb.
What a palaver!

On the plus side... Grammy has a lovely little pair of lower legs with pink slippers...
Lets hope I can put her together without doing any more damage!

I have to add this... Hopefully Ms Lizzie will put a photograph of her Fred onto her blog soon.
She came for a visit on Sunday, sat down with a lump of clay, and made 'Fred' - her first figurine sculpture, and he is amazing! She's a natural :)
For myself... well, I have had such a lot of fun making Grammy, that I shall probably make a few more to sell - all different and unique - because I don't use molds :)


misteejay said...

Considering all the "fun & games" the hands turned out really well.
I love the slippers.
Toni xx

Giac said...

Hello Bubbles,
You were unlucky today. however, the limbs you made are fantastic. I can't wait to see it all come together.
Big hug

PILAR6373 said...

Me gusta mucho como han quedado esas extremidades,deseando de ver el conjunto completo!!!

Elizabeth S said...

Well,"mama said there'd be days like this" and that song from the 60's was certainly true for you today! :O
The good thing is however, that you worked through it and the "arthritic thumb" is entirely believable and both feet in the pink house slippers, are Wonderful! :D

Niele♡ said...

It's so beutiful. Your work is amazing!!!
In fact, I looked back through some of your older blog posts, and I think all your work is beautiful - so very well done. I'm looking forward to seeing many more of the lovely pieces that you make. I am following you, it will be very kind and nice if you visit my blog and follow too. You are amazing miniaturist!!! Love this blog!!!!
My blog


Lillianb said...

Happy WOYWDW,,

Great looking models,,

Lilian b